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Man and Woman on Bike Dead, Baby Unharmed After Head-on Crash with a Car

Brazil, CCTV recorded the moment of an accident that resulted in the death of the convict L.P.d.S, 29, and his female friend I.R, 19, last Sunday.

The baby, 11 months old, who was with the mother on the back of the bike was thrown into the air and luckily had no injuries. The baby was discharged from the Hospital the same day after a medical examination. The two death were friends and were going to a barbecue.

The Honda they were riding on was hit head-on by a Peugeot 207 coming from the opposite direction.

With the collision, the car still dragged the motorcycle for approximately 50 meters. After the accident, the driver of the car fled on foot. Paramedics were called but the 2 friends died while receiving medical care.

The electronic anklet was broken off at the scene of the accident.

The victims took with the motorcycle two crates of beer and a package of steaks. The drinks and meat were scattered on the asphalt. Part of the meat was stuck in the car's engine compartment.

The Civil Police investigates to find out who was the driver of the car. He will answer for double homicide in traffic.

U.V, 27, the woman's husband also died in a traffic accident between a car and a bike, which occurred 4 months ago at an intersection

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