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3 Young Ladies Decapitated

On the morning of 2nd March 2018 in Fortaleza (Brazil), 3 young women lost their lives.

The previous night, using a mobile phone, F.R.D.S.G., a member of GDE (Guardiões do Estado), who was in jail for drug trafficking, ordered other members of GDE to kill 23 year old N.A.M.D.L. 'N' was a member of CV (Comando Vermelho) + had been selling drugs on her rivals turf.
When 'N' was found, she was kidnapped along with her girlfriend, 31 year old D.A.D.A. + their friend, 22 year old I.T.F. (the mother of a 3 year old girl). The 3 young ladies were taken to a mangrove by the river Ceará.
'D' + 'I', who's only crime was being in 'N's company at the time of her kidnap, were shot dead + then decapitated. 'N' suffered a worse fate with having been tortured before being beheaded.

It took nearly a week + many hours of searching before the bodies were found.

The trial began on 27th February 2019 + sentences were given the next day.
5 men* were sentenced for the murders:

F.R.D.S. (got: 85 years + 6 months)
23 year old B.A.D.O. (got: 78 years + 6 months)
21 year old J.L.P. (who filmed the murders) (got: 85 years)
28 year old J.C.C.D.S. (got: 8 years + 6 months)
27 year old R.A.D.F. (got: 78 years)

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