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Crocodile Bitten Homeless Mans Hand Off In Mexico

On the morning of this Saturday, a man was captured walking in Villahermosa, Tabasco, naked, without an arm and without anyone helping him at the time.

Based on the reports, the man suffered an attack by a crocodile while he was near the Laguna de Las Ilusiones, on one side of Adolfo Ruiz Cortines avenue.

After the fact was reported by passers-by who saw the homeless person in poor condition, elements of the Secret
ariat of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC) arrived at the scene, to provide due attention to the victim.

In front of the La Venta Museum they found traces of the attack. The uniformed officers reported that the man allegedly suffers from his mental faculties, so they rushed to request the support of emergency medical technicians.

Finally, he was transferred by ambulance to the facilities of the Mexican Red Cross.

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  1. Fetid01 7 April 2022 05:15
    Damn shame we can't implement this solution to our homeless population here in California.....
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