Death Grunt

 15         0

Dude Gets Both Arms Broken With A Wooden Beam

 340         0

Two Criminals Burned In The Street

 193         0

30 Stabs In The Back With Three Knives

 428         0

The Severed Head Of An Opponent Is Mutilated With A Knife

 230         0

It Seems Not All The Details Are In Place

 251         0

Just A Headshot

 369         2

Dude Was Forced To Eat His Friend's Ear

 559         1

An Expert Pathologist Examines The Body Of A Drowned Man

 248         1

Wild Animals Torture A Woman With A Red-hot Machete In A Fire

 518         1

Knives Are Stuck In The Eye Sockets Of A Dead Man

 346         0

Story Of Life And Death In 4 Days

 519         0

The Woman Herself Lay Down In The Grave Where She Was Shot

 605         0

Hanged Dude Started To Rot

 803         2

Man killed with sickle

 406         0

A Young Guy Had His Arms And Legs Chopped Off Alive And Then Shot Dead

 898         0

Man's Arms And Legs Were Cut Off Alive

 365         0

Dude Gets Shot For Having Sex With Someone Else's Wife

 714         0

A Man's Ears Were Cut Off And Forced To Eat Them

 533         0

The Man's Tongue Was Cut Out And His Fingers Cut Off

 358         0