The Severed Head Of An Opponent Is Mutilated With A Knife

 223         0

It Seems Not All The Details Are In Place

 241         0

Dude Was Forced To Eat His Friend's Ear

 538         1

An Expert Pathologist Examines The Body Of A Drowned Man

 242         1

Knives Are Stuck In The Eye Sockets Of A Dead Man

 345         0

Story Of Life And Death In 4 Days

 510         0

The Woman Herself Lay Down In The Grave Where She Was Shot

 594         0

Hanged Dude Started To Rot

 801         2

A Young Guy Had His Arms And Legs Chopped Off Alive And Then Shot Dead

 897         0

A Man's Ears Were Cut Off And Forced To Eat Them

 532         0

Dismemberment Of The Body With A Chainsaw

 588         0

Rotting Body With Erect Penis Found In House

 717         2

Time To Clean Up

 629         1

Several Armed Animals Sneer At The Bodies Of Dead Opponents

 224         0

A Man Dying After Having His Arms And Legs Chopped Off

 528         0

The Body Of A Dead Man Was Poked With Knives, Cut And Cut Off His Head

 212         0

The Pathologist Removes The Skin From The Body Of The Deceased

 1 187         0

Large Set Of Human Parts

 338         0

Mother Sobbing Over The Body Of Her Murdered Son

 521         3

The Decomposed Body Of A Drowned Man Surfaced Near The Shore

 265         0