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Bus Fatally Runs Over Woman Crossing the Road

A bus ran over a woman in Ecuador. At the end of the video it shows a group of individuals get off the bus, one of them ran away, it is unknown if it was the driver.

The woman was crossing the street and the bus was turning at low speed. Apparently, the driver did not see the pedestrian and therefore ranover the woman.

According to article 377, 378 of the Comprehensive Organic Criminal Code (COIP), the person who causes a traffic accident that results in the death of one or more people for infringing an objective duty of care, will be punished with a custodial sentence of one to three years, suspension of the driver's license for six months once the custodial sentence has been completed.

In the event that the vehicle with which the accident was caused provides a public transport service, the transport operator and the owner of the vehicle will be jointly and severally liable for civil damages, without prejudice to the administrative actions that are executed by the party.

The same fine will be imposed on the public or private employer who has required or allowed the driver to work under such conditions.

And article 379 mentions that in traffic offenses that result in injury to people, the penalties provided for in article 152 will be applied, reduced by a quarter of the minimum penalty provided in each case. They will also be sanctioned with a reduction of ten points in their license


  1. maveco 18 November 2021 19:43
    i felt a suicide,she did not mean to cross. look her steps
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