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⁣Woman Falls From CFE's High Voltage Tower

Woman falls from CFE's high voltage tower; is serious. Several hours of anguish were experienced, after a woman climbed a high voltage tower; from which he refused to get off and threatened to jump.
The unfortunate event occurred at Calle 59 and 70 in Ciudad Caucel, in Mérida. Yucatan. The woman, who is approximately 35 years old, was identified as Yamileth "N".

However, after spending several hours in the heights, unfortunately she fell accidentally while trying to be rescued by elements of the fire department, her condition is reported as serious.
After the fact, the rescuers of the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP) , went to where she was to lower her once and for all; since he refused to do it on his own and his threat to jump into the void was constant.

But after long hours of anguish, rescuers managed to reach her; he began to struggle, an attempt was made to restrain him with special straps, but in one of his sudden movements he fell into the void and crashed to the floor; After falling, she was immediately treated by paramedics who were in the area, according to what has been found out

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