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Worker Crushed By Rolling Truck

A worker was brutally crushed by a truck this Tuesday afternoon (5), in Porto Demetrio, located in the Educandos neighborhood, south of Manaus. According to preliminary information, the man was pressed by a truck against the back of a trailer. The Mobile Emergency Care Service (SAMU) was even called to help the worker, but he could not resist the injuries and died


  1. Fetid01 6 April 2022 18:50
    No way he makes it.....
  2. OldFucker 6 April 2022 22:21
    Wouldn't it be easier to just put the tire on him and light him on fire?
    1. fuckeduuuuup 8 April 2022 01:00
      Hahaa! that's what they normally do right?
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