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Motorcyclist Dies In Collision And Explosion

A collision between a Hilux and a motorcycle in the late afternoon of this Saturday, June 4, at BA 290, at the exit to Medeiros Neto, perimeter city of Teixeira de Freitas. Security cameras from a bar near the place caught the moment that the Hilux violently collided with the motorcycle. Upon impact, the motorcycle caught fire. The image shows the victim Akenne Beatriz Diniz Moraes, 20, resident of the Santa Rita neighborhood, coming towards the center of the city when a white car makes the turn to turn left, the young woman swerves, and not to hit an oncoming car. behind it she swerves again and at this moment the Hilux that was going in the opposite direction collided violently with the bike. The impact was so violent that the motorcycle caught fire instantly and parts from both vehicles were scattered on the highway as people rushed to see. The young woman died on the spot

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