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Man On Motorcycle Hit By Truck

A motorcyclist was hit by a truck this Monday morning in Tepic. The fatal event left the victim lifeless almost immediately, a fact that was recorded in the security camera of a business in the sector, which documented the moment in which a truck ran over the driver on Insurgentes Avenue, in the vicinity of Los Llanitos neighborhood.
According to the reports issued, the motorcyclist unexpectedly left one of the nearby businesses and was later hit and run over by the vehicle on the Mololoa route, an accident that left the motorcycle driver dead A Motorcyclist Was Hit By A Truck This Monday Morning In Tepic. The Fatal Event Left The Victim Lifeless Almost Immediately, A Fact That Was Recorded In The Security Camera Of A Business In The Sector, Which Documented The Moment In Which A Truck Ran Over The Driver On Insurgentes Avenue, In The Vicinity Of Los Llanitos Neighborhood.
According To The Reports Issued, The Motorcyclist Unexpectedly Left One Of The Nearby Businesses And Was Later Hit And Run Over By The Vehicle On The Mololoa Route, An Accident That Left The Motorcycle Driver Dead

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