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The Death Of A Basejumper + Aftermath

Spins in the air and 2,000 meters of fall: video shows how the jump of a skydiving student who fell on the roof of a house and died in Boituva
A video, exclusively obtained by Fantástico, recorded by the camera attached to the helmet of Andrius Pantaleão's instructor, shows in detail what happened.
A video, exclusively obtained by Fantastic , recorded by the camera attached to the helmet of Andrius' instructor, shows in detail what happened .
The sky over Boituva , 120 kilometers from São Paulo, appears cloudless. On the plane, 13 paratroopers prepare to jump. The most experienced athletes leave first.
Andrius, the small businessman from São Bernardo do Campo, is going to make the third leap of his life. Halfway through the course, he can only jump with the instructor. The professional gets off the plane first. He carries a camera on his helmet that records everything.
Andrius exits the plane and quickly launches himself into the void. The instructor holds the student by the sleeve . Check if it's ok. Andrius shows that he knows the position of the gauntlet that controls the parachute, at the base of the backpack. And the instructor releases the student for the stabilization maneuver .
Andrius starts out fine, but soon starts to spin. Dropping at over 200 kilometers per hour, it has little time to stabilize .
And it doesn't work . Andrius spins faster and faster. The instructor comes close. Grabs Andrius by the leg. But he can't hold on for long .The student walks away, without stopping turning. The ground is getting closer and closer. The instructor opens his own parachute. Andrius no longer appears . He plummeted in free fall for about two thousand meters, until he hit the gate of a house in Boituva

  1. ... 16 October 2022 11:51
    2 minutes of fall thinking you are about to die
  2. Mondolife 22 October 2022 09:26
    I don't understand the draw to "sky dive" otherwise known as falling out of the air.
  3. markferrino 23 January 2023 04:39
    I love the quick cut lol. Just falling, having a good time aaaand dead
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