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Dude Accidentally Blows Himself Up With A Grenade

  1. Nigg 11 June 2021 10:38
    A dam ni kkk okay
  2. cod player 11 June 2021 13:01
    don't hold a pulled grenade to long.... if you aren't sure to throw it, just press the 1 button to put it back on your inv, don't forget to learn the tutorial kids... don't skip it... or you'll be this guy.
  3. Will 21 July 2021 18:12
    I feel bad for some of the people on here but this is just funny. If you’re dumb enough to pull the pin and hold it for that long then I don’t want to share this earth with you
  4. Cake 15 August 2021 05:16
    Lmao dude was really about to throw it inside of a tunnel. I mean it's sad, but sorry bud you're a fuckin moron and could have cared less if you hurt or killed someone else.
  5. maveco 16 November 2021 16:22
    i hink he will try some passing car and then do a rob

    i think
  6. Fetid01 7 February 2022 09:50
    So, where are the other 2 stooges?.....
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