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A Man Died Crashing Into A Roadside Pole

The motorcyclist was identified as 34-year-old HJR. He died, in Santa Gertrudes (SP), after hitting a signpost on Avenida 1, on Monday morning (24). The location is close to the entrance to the city.
On impact, the sign came off and fell next to motorcyclist HJR. Security camera footage circulating on social media shows the moment of the accident.
The Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu), the Fire Department and ambulances from the Eixo SP concessionaire, responsible for managing the stretch of the Washington Luís Highway (SP-310), went to the scene and rescued the man who died on the way to the hospital. hospital.
There is still no forecast for HJR's funeral wake.
HJR leaves his wife, brothers, nephews and friends. The funeral time has not yet been announced

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