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Young Woman Motorcyclist 6 Months Pregnant Crushed By Truck

In the district of Puente Piedra, a new traffic accident has shocked all of Peru. On December 19, a 22-year-old girl lost her life after the motorcycle she was riding suffered a mechanical failure that ended up throwing her under the tires of a tanker truck. According to local media reports, the fatality was a pregnant person. The event occurred around 09:00 a.m. last Monday on the Panamericana Norte, at the location known as Tres ruedas, in the Puente Piedra district. According to witnesses, the young woman was on the motorcycle with her co-worker. They were both in the loan business, heading north to make a delivery.
The motorcycle began to present a mechanical defect in the front tire. Immediately, the woman who was six months pregnant fell onto the road and hit a tanker truck that was passing through that lane. Her death was immediate and she left her first child as an orphan. After this unfortunate event, the drivers who were circulating from south to north on the Pan-American Highway were left stranded, because the agents of the national police, as well as the Prosecutor's Office, took about three hours to arrive to proceed with the operations. corresponding tasks, reported the aforementioned outlet. After the investigations carried out, it was learned that the fatality was identified as Yureika Contreras Bonilla, a Venezuelan national. While her friend, who was unharmed after the accident, is a 28-year-old Colombian.
Finally, both he and the truck driver were taken to the Puente Piedra police station

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