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Young Man Electrocuted On Top Of A Train

In a horrific accident on Thursday at Kasganj railway station, a young man was burnt alive on the bogie of the train due to the current of the OHE line. A monkey became the reason for this dreadful accident. The monkey had climbed onto the bogie of the train carrying the slipper of a lady passenger. The young man had boarded the bogie to take off his slippers. OHE got hit by the line. The passengers were horrified to see the young man burning alive on the bogie. The young man kept burning for about 15 minutes till the current of OHE stopped. After extinguishing the fire, the burnt body of the youth was brought down

  1. markferrino 5 January 2023 22:37
    There's probably one person literally on fire being electrocuted somewhere in India every minute of the day.
    1. ... 7 January 2023 14:49
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