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A Van Hit And Run Over A Man And A Woman On The Road. Argentina


A woman and a man, a friend of her partner, died Friday 13th in a fatal accident on the highway, when a van, carrying passengers on the Metrobus lane, hit and ran over them after they got out of a car in the middle of a discussion. The video of the tragic crash was released. The victims seem to be discussing on one of the containment barriers of the Metrobus lane, while a van approaches a few meters away. They both walk towards the center of the exclusive lane and the passenger vehicle makes a maneuver to try to avoid them. It does not succeed and the two are hit hard. Moments before the accident, on the other side of the highway, a patrol car also appears that stops its march on the fast track.
They had been alerted by 911 about the presence of two people in a prohibited area. The policemen get off at the exact moment of impact, so they cannot avoid the tragedy. After the collision, they help the victims. The episode occurred around 6:30 a.m. when a Peugeot 207 in which the driver J. F. V. G. (27), his female partner J.R.C. (30) and a male friend M.Á.T. (34) were driving and stopped their vehicle.
The reason was that JFVG was arguing with his girlfriend, who got out of the car. The fight started after they had gone dancing. They drunk alcohol. The dialogue rose in tone until the woman, mother of a girl, decided to get out of the vehicle. She walked on the ascent to the highway and her partner's friend followed her when she crossed to the Metrobus lane, where they were hit and run over by a passenger van which was heading to the center of Buenos Aires.
The man and woman died instantly, as confirmed by medical personnel from the Emergency Medical Care Service (SAME) who arrived at the scene. The victims were from Bolivia. She lived in the neighborhood of Bajo Flores and he in the Charrúa neighborhood. JFVG, who is dedicated to car and motorcycle repair, told the police that he had also wanted to get out but took a long time trying to accommodate the car.
When he saw that his friend and his girlfriend had gone to the Metrobus lane and were hit, he tried to get there, but there was already a patrol car due to the call of some witnesses to 911 seconds after the accident occurred. Upon seeing the sequence, the man suffered a nervous breakdown and had to be assisted by medical personel. The van driver, identified as O. A. F. (60), had been working at the company since December 2019. He was arrested and charged with manslaughter. The case is processed in the National Criminal and Correctional Court.
Just a few hours before the female victim was going to dance with her partner, they had a romantic exchange on the networks, where they showed that love was still standing but somehow an argument started after the dance

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    I think the fault was caused by the car that stoped in the other lane. it caught the attention of the drunk couple and they headed to it.
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