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Collapsing Coal Mine In China

Under the collapse of a height of 180 meters were 6 people, another 6 were injured, and 47 were missing.
The owners of the Xinjing Coal Industry Mine have been subjected to numerous lawsuits for non-payment of debts and allegations of violation of safety regulations since 2014

  1. ... 26 February 2023 09:57
    lol 6 injuried 6 dead 47 missing. they are not missing, they are dead below tons of coal,
    1. Dali 26 February 2023 10:09
      this is the rule for accounting for the dead - until the body is found, a person is considered missing
  2. GOODTRAINNIG 26 February 2023 22:48
    at least 100 people just died..."china is asshole"
  3. Alex Di Stefano 26 February 2023 22:59
    All Chinese are stupid
  4. fuckeduuuuup 27 February 2023 05:56
    Wow, take a moment to appreciate the scale of that incident!
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