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Tourist Bus Rolled Into A Ravine. Indonesia

A tour bus met its fate in a ravine after it was left unattended by the driver in Guci Tegal, Central Java, Indonesia.
The incident that killed one on board happened last Tuesday (May 7) and was caught on camera by the public near the scene. As reported by Coconuts Jakarta, the driver was transporting a tour group of 50 from South Tangerang, Banten to Guci, which was famous for its hot springs.
Before it made its destination, the bus made a temporary stop there on what appeared to be a downhill slope. Besides him and his assistant, 13 other passengers stepped out of the vehicle for some air. That’s when things started to turn awry. The bus, which still carried 37 passengers onboard, then started to move on its own down the downhill slope and gained momentum. It then plunged into the ravine, rolled over and landed in the shallow river. Among those onboard, one male passenger was killed, two were heavily injured and dozens escaped with minor injuries.
Some suspected that the cause of the accident was an unattended child in the bus playing with the handbrake and accidentally releasing it. However, according to CNN Indonesia, police denied the allegations after interviewing witnesses. Witnesses on the bus said that all three children on board, which suffered minor injuries were on their guardian’s laps.
According to reports, the bus was parked at the scene with the engine running and the front and rear tyres were allegedly wedged with wood. Police said that they will focus their attention on identifying possible failures in the bus’s brake system

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