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Child Warning! Girl Sitting On A Motorcycle Fell Under The Wheels Of A Truck

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Blita, a 3-year-old girl named Afifah died after being run over by a truck on Jalan AMD Borong Jambu, Manggala Village, Manggala District, Maakassar City, South Sulawesi, Saturday (15/7/2023).
The incident occurred when the victim was left on a motorbike parked by the victim's older sister with the initials R (20), in front of the Pasar Jongkok Antang store, at around 08.30 WITA this morning.
“The incident was recorded on the CCTV belonging to the store in front of the incident location. It can be seen that the motorbike that the victim was sitting on backed up on its own because of the uneven parking area. Then he fell with his motorbike onto the road and at the same time a truck passed by. The victim was hit by the rear tire of the truck," explained the Manggala Police Chief, Kompol H Syamsuardi in his written statement.
The victim was rushed to the Antang National Housing Health Center, but the victim was declared dead.
Meanwhile, the driver of the truck and the victim's older brother and their second vehicle were secured at the Manggala Police.
"We secure evidence and the driver for examination," explained Kompol H Syamsuardi.
Meanwhile, the victim's body was picked up by the family to be buried at the funeral home on Jalan Architect, Biringroma Village, Mnggala District, Makassar City.


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