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2 Killed 52 Were Burned At A Ceremony In India

           In Patei Khalsa village of Amroha district Didoli police station area of Uttar Pradesh, two people died and 52 others got scorched after coming in contact with the electric wire of Tazia kept on a tractor trolley on Saturday. On the other hand, according to the news received from Bareilly, the throne of Muharram collided with the high tension line of electricity in Baradari area. Due to this, the current got down in the throne and seven people got scorched.
Amroha's Superintendent of Police (SP) Aditya Langeh told that a loudspeaker was attached to an iron rod above the tazia. When these people passed through the fields carrying tazia, the tazia came under the grip of high tension electric wire passing from above, due to which this accident happened. He told that the deceased have been identified as S. and O. The dead bodies have been sent for postmortem. While four people have been sent to Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi, 26 have been discharged after first aid. The rest of the injured are in the district hospital and will be discharged soon.
Accident due to high tension wire
The Superintendent of Police said, "The height of Tajiya was about 22 feet and the high tension wire was located at a height of 35 feet. A loudspeaker was attached to the iron rod on the upper part of the tazia which suddenly came in contact with the high tension electric wire, causing the accident. Amroha District Magistrate Rajesh Kumar Tyagi told that such instructions had already been issued that Tajiya should not be made more than 12 feet high, but the height of this Tajiya was about 20-22 feet

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