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Passenger Bus Accident In Honduras

Edwin Antonio Amador was identified as the person who died during the spectacular accident on Monday on Suyapa Boulevard.
It was his father who went to the scene, after learning of the accident, who recognized the victim by the vehicle his relative was driving. "Yes, it's him... my son," he said when he saw the victim's clothing.
This is the driver of the transport unit of the Carrizal-Metromall-Cascadas-UNAH-La Sosa route, who had at least eight to work in the field.
The victim resided in the Iberia colony of Comayagüela.
The body of the ill-fated man was imprisoned between the scrap metal of the bus and the concrete wall of the tunnel where the unit fell from the top of the overpass.
Moments of pain were experienced at the scene when recognizing the fatal victim of the road accident.
The accident was recorded at about 3 in the afternoon when the car was transporting several passengers, including some university students, and by dodging a motorcycle ended up leaving the road.
The mishap occurred at the height of the detour that leads to residential El Trapiche where it fell from several meters high leaving its chassis crushed and crossed in one of the tunnels.
The entire front of the car was completely crushed due to the strong blow against the wall.

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