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Santa Claus Fell From The 24th Floor. Chelyabinsk, Russia

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An industrial climber dressed as Santa Claus fell from the 24th floor in Chelyabinsk, reports the Mash Telegram channel. According to him, the 25-year-old man wanted to please the children and make a spectacular appearance at the courtyard festival, but he mixed up the cables and fell in front of the crowd.

The tragedy occurred at the moment when the children began to call Santa Claus. But due to a tangle with the ropes, the climber fell from a great height onto a nearby building and crashed to his death on the roof of the extension. Investigators arrived at the scene.

  1. markferrino 23 December 2023 01:49
    Looks like Santa Claus gifted himself some vodka.
  2. GOODTRAINNIG 3 January 2024 15:15
    it was funny at least!
  3. fuckeduuuuup 4 January 2024 02:53
    I like how people laughed, lol. If you knew you were done for, wouldn't you at least shout 'ho ho ho' as you fell?
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