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A 17-Year-Old Motorcyclist Killed A Female Janitor

The accident occurred in front of the Caña Park, on Carrera 66, with the south-eastern highway and on Calle 16 with Carrera 66. around the early hours of Monday, December 25, when the woman was carrying out sweeping work. on the sidewalk and was surprised by the motorcyclist who was traveling at high speed. According to witnesses, the driver lost control of the motorcycle and veered towards the sidewalk, hitting the woman head-on.
Gloria worked for the environmental promotion company

Emergency units and the Traffic Police immediately went to the scene of the accident, who provided first aid to the victim and the motorcyclist. Unfortunately, despite the efforts of paramedics, the woman died at the scene from her serious injuries.

The 17-year-old male motorcyclist was rushed to a nearby medical center, where he is in critical condition due to multiple fractures and bruises suffered in the accident.

The authorities are carrying out the corresponding investigations to determine the exact causes of the accident and determine responsibilities. For the moment, the hypothesis of excessive speed is being used as a determining factor in the event.

The death of Gloria Patricia Caicedo, 50 years old, has left the local community shocked, since she was a highly appreciated and loved worker in her neighborhood. Neighbors and friends describe her as a kind and dedicated person, who always carried out her cleaning duties with enthusiasm and joy.

The authorities call on drivers to be more responsible and respect traffic rules, especially in urban areas where both pedestrians and vehicles coexist. In addition, it is expected that control and security measures at the air base will be reinforced to avoid future similar accidents

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