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Piece of Shit Beats His Wife

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Previously, he beat her only at home ...

The Krasnoyarsk public today is discussing another case of domestic violence, which by chance has become public. It all happened in a residential building # 33 on Lesoparkova Street. A 29-year-old man began to beat his 28-year-old wife right from the entrance to the entrance. Letting off his steam on her, the man calmed down, and the woman herself pressed the button to call the elevator and the desired floor.

Despite the fact that no complaints were received to law enforcement agencies, local police officers became interested in the incident.

The district police officer has already visited the family and took explanations from both the man and the woman. A check is being carried out, the question of initiating a criminal case under the article "Beating" is being decided.

"Beat wives at home, why are they so stupid, cameras are everywhere" - give advice to other domestic tyrants in the local wiretap. 

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