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A Mob Of Niggas Beat Up A Bus Driver

  1. MadMan2022 24 February 2022 01:20
    That old fart should of had a gun and then he could of shot those monkey ass niggers in the head. Man pack a gun from now on so you can kill these niggers,Spiks,Chinks,Crackers,Sand Niggers, and Jews back to there countries!!!
    1. jhonspikelee 7 March 2022 17:31
      haha good lucc sending us tacomunchers out ima keep fucking ur mom
  2. Jason 24 February 2022 14:47
    black nigger trash should all be executed
  3. Thisisbutter 8 March 2022 06:19
    Great. Niggers from from the trashed Leakedreality site are showing up here now - just like clockwork.

    Upvote these nigger vids and this site too will be doomed to dick munchers.
  4. BellyMeat 31 March 2022 11:02
    …porch niggers are pretty brave when in a mob and they have an easy target like an old man..won’t see any one on one’s or a young fit white guy….just like jungle chimps
  5. BellyMeat 16 April 2022 20:53
    Errata-the “collective” used when describing many Black people is a RIOT as in “ There was a riot of Negroes attacking an old man. Class dismissed.
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