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Guiltless russian young lady gets savage beating

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Category: Beating
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  1. fuck
    fuck 7 January 2022 19:15
    if i would be there i wouldve killed all of those slutty russians around that poor girl idk why they beat her up but those are kids and multiple jumping one person aint aight
    1. nezphon
      nezphon 6 March 2022 15:18
      I totally agree, but instead of fist fight, she would face a gang of 31 people with ak's.
  2. santomanto
    santomanto 8 May 2022 13:10
    die gehören alle erschossen, aber alle
  3. BellyMeat
    BellyMeat 14 August 2022 02:28
    …those wacky Russians…you can beat them like a drum, try freezing them or subject them to Stalin-like punishment but you just CANNOT kill them…kinda like cockroaches