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Another Pedophile Beheaded In Africa

  1. busperurtu 4 September 2022 06:32
    Its Not A "pEdOpHiLe" u fucking retard
    If You Had Read The Original Story You Would Know That This Is A Thief
    1. Dali 4 September 2022 09:38
      If you are so smart and know everything, give me a link where it is written that the dude is a thief. Also tell us why he's naked if he's just a thief.
    2. AntiWiruz 4 September 2022 18:00
      Man Fucking Stop It Give Us Some Context Or Source Instead Saying Everything Is Fake

      I'm getting used on writing like a retard
    3. Nana Osafo Okoampa 17 September 2022 13:41
      Im make you drink so much of ma dick you have enough dna to be my son.
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