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Cartel Butchering Rivals

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Category: Cartel
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  1. Detroit
    Detroit 11 December 2021 18:54
    How did they get captured alive? I would of got killed shooting at them. You know what happens he they capture you alive 🤦
    1. Shsh
      Shsh 22 December 2021 07:14
      True true
    2. billy george
      billy george 27 February 2022 19:57
      They threaten their families. They come willingly to spare their children and wives. They know where they live where their kids go to school and who their friends are. They know where their parents live etc
  2. maveco
    maveco 5 January 2022 12:19
    welcome to the human planet
  3. Meistermörder
    Meistermörder 30 January 2022 16:41
    Fucking weak pussies!
    You notice they had to Time lapse the dismemberment!
    I would took all limbs off in 4 swings. Lift some weights goddamn!