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Three Killers - Four Dismembered Corpses

At around 8am on Friday, four bodies were found on the side of the road in the state of Guerrero, which were accompanied by various messages from criminal groups.
Three of the bodies belonged to males and the fourth to a female [A.L.F., the one whose photo is on the top right]. In turn, three of them were dismembered. Some of the remains were stacked together with the heads.
According to unofficial sources, the messages are directed against an operator of La Bandera, a group derived from Guerreros Unidos, who are in dispute with Los Tlacos, part of the Sierra Cartel .
This has caused bodies to be found in the municipality due to disputes with messages in which their opponents are threatened.
Translation of one of the messages:
“L.V.C.J. alias 'Wicho Cachetes' This bitch has more balls than you, she keeps sending more people, I already have you all located and I already ruined your party that you had planned and I'm waiting for you. Soon you will receive more news from me!! Kind regards: 'the fucking best'"

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