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Woman slowly being dismembered by cartel

  1. Beener 20 July 2021 01:27
    Ignorant spicks. That's why you're not welcome in the United states.
    1. Blaze 9 November 2021 13:58
      Riiiiight because there's never any brutal murders in the USA right?
  2. rawr 20 July 2021 03:52
    oh my fkin goodness
  3. Kek 20 July 2021 21:01
    How the fuck can you do this to another human being? Sick fuckers..
  4. Cmoney 27 July 2021 02:32
    This is so wrong!! Prayers for even the ahole murderers but especially the victim.
  5. Mohammed Talaat 11 August 2021 00:17
    The merciful people will be treated with mercy by the Most Merciful (Allah).

    Be merciful to those who are on the earth and He Who is above the heavens will be merciful to you.
  6. Ik 28 August 2021 00:51
    Facking stupid monkeys, think you gangsta doing this to a women,human being, fcking pigs burn in hell
  7. Gregory Richards 25 October 2021 11:20
    Cowards killing tied up women. Stay the fuck in your country. We need President Trump again.
  8. valhalla 31 October 2021 21:53
    these idiots could never take on men with Northern European background. They are the most brutal and efficient killers.
    1. PanchoVilla 22 December 2021 03:34
      Valhalla mad cause his lil white dick shrunk even more.
      1. WhitePower 7 July 2022 08:32
        That is giant white dick to you and your puny little pecker motherfucker.
  9. Katey 10 November 2021 01:45
    Good site..♡♡♡♡◇◇◇◇◇◇◇♡♡♡
  10. Lobster 14 November 2021 13:49
    Fake, there Is not blood.
    1. WhitePower 7 July 2022 08:33
      Lol you must be like those people that think the Buffalo shooting was fake as well eh. That every shooting is fake and that no one ever really dies. Stop being delusional.
  11. R 3 December 2021 07:53
    Fucking monsters. Don’t know why they get away murdering people. Poor woman she didn’t deserved death like this. They will never change what they love to do..”Murder for fun”
  12. Oldfucker 6 December 2021 07:54
    She held her own dismembered hand before they cut that one off too.

    This 'poor woman' was a leader in CJNG - she had done the same thing to other people. Innocent? Please.

    You watched it cunt. Don't forget that.
  13. Anon 24 December 2021 06:49
    Reverting to their Indigenous past
  14. Westerners 15 January 2022 13:00
    i don't know how people call Muslims terrorists, the only thing they have been doing is protecting their countries from invaders, but this? this is pure terrorism, i hope every Mexican cartel burn in hell
    1. fuckeduuuuup 25 March 2022 23:30
      There's quite a few videos on this very site that shit all over your ignorant opinion, friend.
  15. maveco 30 January 2022 04:45
    terrible act but the girl knew what is a drug cartel. surely she made a bad thing to finish that way
    1. WhitePower 7 July 2022 08:34
  16. nezphon 9 February 2022 10:22
    GUYS! The woman isn't innocent! She killed a lot of people in her organization, this is just payback 😁
    1. WhitePower 7 July 2022 08:35
      Then if that is true she truly deserves it.
  17. WhitePower 7 July 2022 08:30
    A lot of people must go missing over there and most people must not give a shit. Corrupt to the core.
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