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Another Fucker Dismembered By Rival Gangsters

Puerto Limon neighborhood sector corner of Bochinche

Macabre video broadcast on social networks shows how it is dismembered.
The citizen named Guillermo Cabeza Ramirez,. (Guzon) Recognized in the media as a gym instructor, volleyball. And who in turn served in famous discos in our town, who also recently worked as a taxi driver.
According to his relatives, the now deceased had disappeared on Thursday, May 18. In the early hours. 
Today Saturday at approximately 5 in the morning, the residents of the corner of El Bochinche were alarmed by the presence of heavily armed men who fired some shots into the air, and proceeded to leave said head in place,
At about 6 in the morning the residents found his head

  1. daemon55666 21 June 2023 19:09
    They waste no effort decapitating the head and limbs half naked, only to strip it naked and left in a hole. Pity what a fine body too.
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