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The Cartel Completely Destroyed The Inhabitants Of A Small Community


Almost an entire community in Guerrero would have been massacred through a drone attack attributed to elements of the Familia Michoacana.

In the community of Buenavista de los Hurtado, about 30 people would have died, according to the report. (Other report mentioned 9 killed). The community did have 32 residents.

One resident that escaped to another town told in the Hospital that they were slaughtering a pig when drones and armed men arrived and began to murder everyone in sight.

One of the videos shows how they put corpses onto pick-up trucks which would be set on fire later on. The cartel also left some narcomensaje. In this region there is a conflict between Los Tlacos, which controls the mountain region, and La Familia Michoacana, which maintains control in the Tierra Caliente Region.

The Michoacana Family intends to transfer its criminal activity from Tierra Caliente to the region of the Sierra de Guerrero and the Costa Grande, so for several months this criminal structure, led by the brothers José and Johnny Hurtado Olascoaga, alias El Fresa and El Pez, respectively, who have attacked some communities in the same municipality with explosives

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