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The Guy Attacked The Police With A Machete And Of Course Was Shot

Heart-pounding bodycam footage shows the moment a machete-wielding Brooklyn madman stood on his bed and attacked an NYPD cop after officers pleaded calmly with him to be “cooperative.”

The footage, obtained by The Post Tuesday, shows police responding to the apartment on New York Avenue near Beverley Road in East Flatbush for a report of an emotionally disturbed man, authorities said.

The unhinged suspect – identified as Jean Blain, 40 – loudly objects to being taken away by cops, growing increasingly agitated during a tense exchange, the video shows.

“Listen, I’m not going!” he grouses. “Why I gotta go?”

“Oh my gosh!” yells the man, who is seen sitting on the bed. “Listen, I don’t wanna leave! I wanna sleep.”

As the officer wearing the bodycam, and two others, stood feet from Blain’s bed, the deranged man insisted, “I take my medication” and pleaded with the cops to leave.

“Sir, do not fight us,” one of the officers could be heard saying, calmly.

But Blain makes it clear he won’t comply — yelling, “No! No! No!” and sitting further back on his bed.

“Come on, please be cooperative,” an officer then pleads.

That’s when the scene turns tense, with Blain standing on the bed wielding the long blade.

“Know what? F–k that!” he seeths, swinging the weapon at a cop as another officer warns, “S–t! Look out!”

A 40-year-old sergeant was slashed across the side of the head, police said.

The other two cops were cut on the wrist and shoulder while they placed the man under arrest, police said.

The officers were taken to Kings County Hospital, where they were treated and discharged by the next morning, according to police.

Blain – who was ordered held without bail during his Wednesday arraignment, records show – has a history of emotional disturbances and three other prior arrests, police sources told The Post.

He was arrested for exposing his genitals to at least two females in Times Square in 2015, according to the sources.

In another arrest, Blain was charged with grand larceny for allegedly stealing his neighbor’s car, they said.

While the neighbor was unloading items from the back of the car with the keys left in the ignition, Blain jumped in the driver’s seat and drove off, according to sources.

Blain was also arrested for jumping a subway turnstile in 2006, according to police sources

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