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⁣Armed Man Killed By Police At San Francisco Airport

San Francisco police have released new video from a shooting at the International Terminal of San Francisco International Airport (SFO) earlier this month.
The footage shows the suspect and officers who shot and killed a “suspicious individual” on 20 January, not far from the BART station near the International Terminal at San Francisco Airport.
The man, who was recently named as 37-year-old Nelson Waynezhi Szeto, was described by police as being Asian-American and can be seen in both body camera and surveillance footage released by the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) on Monday.
The police department said the man was concealing a fake or replica airsoft-style pistol – after initial reports suggested he was armed during the fatal encounter – although both items were viewable in the footage.

  1. Fetid01 4 February 2022 00:59
    Professional pest control.....
  2. Guest TheBorg 12 February 2022 05:11
    he reportedly told officers that the “hospital cannot help him.” and instructed them on how to shoot him, saying “Make sure you aim.” he even conveyed respect and thanked them for their service
  3. none of your business 27 February 2022 06:01
    he's probably mental
    1. Crazy bitchhhh 2 November 2022 00:11
      Or just sick of the bullshit and had enough. My time is coming soon !
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