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16 Year Old Burglar Shot Dead By Police

Tulsa, Oklahoma
On 02-04-2022 Officers responded to an Armed Robbery that just occurred at a check cashing business located at Pine and Lewis. Several units converged on the area, including the Air Support Unit. The victim told 911 that the suspect pointed a black .45 pistol at him and demanded money, the victim gave him the cash in his pocket and the suspect took off on a bicycle. The victim described the suspect as a small male, wearing a hoodie and mask. The suspect was later identified as 16-year-old, Isaiah Perez. The victim told 911 that he last saw Perez heading east towards Springdale Elementary. Within minutes the helicopter was able to find Perez in that area and started to coordinate with patrol officers, a pursuit started and went on for a few blocks into the neighborhood. Perez crashed his bicycle and continued running on foot. Officers continued to pursue, and Perez eventually stopped running. Officers gave several commands to Perez. Perez pulled a gun from his waistband and officers fired their weapons in response to the Perez’s actions striking him. Upon being shot Perez dropped his pistol. Officers moved up to secure Perez and start first aid, Perez succumbed to his injuries. In a statement released the day after the shooting, police said Perez died about 6 a.m. at a hospital. Perez had $22 on him when he was shot, police said

  1. Humongous 8 March 2022 05:14
    "Hold ur hands out".. this always makes me laugh,, suspects always got 10 holes in him and they think hes gonna hold his hands up.. LoL..
  2. Toxxic 15 August 2022 23:34
    one less "i dindo nuffin" , no loss
  3. Mondolife 2 October 2022 00:19
    And nothing of value was lost...
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