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Moment Drug Dealer Executes New Mexico Cop at Side of Road

Sickening footage shows violent criminal O F C.. 39 stepping out of the driver's side of his Chevrolet pick-up truck with an AR-15-style rifle before firing one shot at New Mexico officer D. J over the rear of the vehicle.
D. J 28 fell to the ground at which point O F C walked over to him and him several more times, including once point-blank in the head. He then took off in his truck on a 40-mile police chase that saw him die in a hail of bullets.
Seconds before the officer had asked O F C - who was on his way to a drug deal - to hand over his rifle which appears to have sparked his murderous act.

  1. Cake 15 August 2021 10:31
    Brilliant editing homie, I loved how you paused and didn't include the main point of the video
  2. Oldfucker 5 December 2021 04:53
    Images that might be upsetting. Here? Moron.
    1. RathalosZ 5 November 2022 11:48
      Who says this is a f*ing fetish fag site and not for warning/educational purpouses?
  3. RathalosZ 5 November 2022 11:58
    Cop lost focus.

    The most despicable type of criminals...
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