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Jayland Walker Shooting By Police Officers

  1. WhitePower 3 July 2022 22:03
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    1. Ex-Marine 4 July 2022 16:31
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  2. GOODTRAINNIG 4 July 2022 14:04
    that nigger deserved every ounce of lead....."NEXT!!!!"
    1. Ex-Marine 4 July 2022 16:39
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      He didn't have a gun you dumb white niggers lol
      1. Rumilov 11 July 2022 19:20
        We skinned one black subhuman not so long ago in Ukraine, come visit. We want to know the way you squeal
      2. nezphon 12 July 2022 15:40
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  3. Mondolife 18 September 2022 01:51
    And nothing of value was lost..
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