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Son Of The Ex President Of Honduras Porfirio Lobo Killed By Gunmen

Tegucigalpa – Four young people were murdered this morning, including the son of former president Porfirio Lobo Sosa in the Honduran capital, the victims were leaving a nightclub located inside the Torre Morazán, located on Bulevar Morazán in the Honduran capital.

Former president Porfirio Lobo Sosa confirmed that one of the victims is his son Said Lobo Bonilla, who lived in Olancho and was visiting the capital Tegucigalpa for a few days.

The former president reported that Said was at the disco and they were leaving the building with a group of friends.
"The authorities have to take action on the matter, this is getting out of hand, they have to put order," declared the former president.
"My children and other young people were attacked by a false police command, it is a great pain as a family," declared former President Porfirio Loso Sosa, when he arrived at the scene where one of his children died.
Immediately afterwards he said: "I don't know what is happening, but what I do know is that the people who committed this murder are quite trained people, they are not rookies."
He then said that not all of the above is bad, referring to the methods to control security, adding that the authorities must make use of the resources that already exist.
The ex-governor also revealed that one of the members of the security guard who accompanied his children repelled the attack and apparently one of the perpetrators was hit by bullets, so it is presumed that he was wounded.
Another of the victims is the driver of the young Said, and it was also known that a nephew of the wife of former head of the Armed Forces Romeo Vásquez, identified as Luis Zelaya, 23 years old, died at the scene. The young Salomón Velásquez, 27 years old, an engineer by profession, was also identified

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