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The Cops Shot A Dude With A Gun. Racine, Wisconsin

Racine, Wisconsin — The Racine County District Attorney's Office released body camera footage of the May 20 fatal police shooting of 37-year-old Da'Shontay King Sr., in conjunction with the decision not to file charges against the officer involved, Zachary Brenner. Police said they stopped a car while executing a search warrant for a felon in possession of a firearm. According to police, King ran from the car with a gun and led an officer on a foot chase. Officer Brenner chased King over a fence and a small hill. In the video, King then appears to drop a gun. When King lunged toward it, Officer Brenner opened fire.
Officers provided CPR, police said, but King died at the hospital. A .9mm handgun was recovered from King. An analysis at the Wisconsin State Crime Lab revealed the handgun had also been used at a shooting in the area of Edgewood and St. Patrick on April 21. Chief Robinson says that shooting resulted in property damage

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