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A Police Officer Assaulted An Innocent Man

USA. Officer John Cox in texas assaulted an unarmed man for no reason and then lied about it.
Police statement after bodycam footage released.
Humble police chief ken theis provided an update on where the case stands within the department:
the humble police department is conducting an internal investigation of the incident, officer cox remains on current duty assignment at this time. The humble police department has no additional statement.
Its worse than it looks. He used his handcuffs like knuckledusters and smashed him in the head he had a bad gash after. The policeman lied and tried to pass it off as him getting into a fight


  1. BellyMeat 9 August 2022 02:35
    These fucking guys are their own worst enemy…and they even wonder why no one trusts the police anymore “to serve & protect” used to mean something; its an outdated concept nowadays
  2. heirofislam 9 August 2022 13:05
    Land of the free :) you wish that is the case ;)
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