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Cops Shot And Killed A Woman Running Down An Alley With A Knife In Her Hand

On August 28, 2022, in Del Paso Heights, Sacramento, California police shot and killed a woman on the 2500 block of Del Paso Boulevard.
Body cam videos show the woman running from officers with what police say is a knife in her hand.
Police said one officer is seen in the videos at the opposite end of an alley attempting to stop the woman with a knife from fleeing. Upon reaching her, he was stabbed by the woman.
The officer ordered the suspect to stop twice. The suspect charged the officer, abruptly pulled out a knife, and stabbed him, causing a serious injury and the immediate use of a tourniquet.
As the suspect stabbed the officer, he pushed her to the ground. Then, two officers are then seen in the bodycam video shooting the suspect multiple times in the front and the back after she attempted to get back on her feet.
The woman died of her injuries at the scene. The officer who was stabbed required surgery and is expected to fully recover

  1. markferrino 11 September 2022 13:35
    For a split second I actually thought she wasn’t black, but nope…
    1. Mondolife 17 September 2022 23:04
      Bro, it's ALWAYS a nog
  2. Mhondirika 11 September 2022 20:31
    Its all fun and game in acting gangsta until its not!! I'm sure she was a model citizen, hardworking and productive, not a parasite at all and not a menace to elderly citizens going about their business!
  3. Mondolife 17 September 2022 23:04
    And nothing of value was lost..
  4. Fuck Adolf Newsom 22 September 2022 15:13
    This is all Adolf Newsom's fault. Fuck him!
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