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Criminal Who Shot At Cops Was Hit By A Police Car. MO, USA

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Surveillance video has been released from a use-of-force incident on February 21st involving a fleeing armed suspect who fired at detectives and was ultimately struck (and appeared to be run over) by an unmarked police vehicle. 
The Explorer struck light poles near McLaren Avenue and Goodfellow Boulevard and crashed. The driver fled on foot and fired shots at one detective who was following in a vehicle.
The fleeing suspect was struck by a police vehicle while shooting at detectives and apprehended

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  1. Slicko53
    Slicko53 6 April 2023 06:49
  2. ...
    ... 8 April 2023 09:57
    lol the second car really enjoyed it
  3. markferrino
    markferrino 24 April 2024 23:23
    They clearly show the dude being run over yet they blur out the fucking cars…?