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Japanese Cops Interrogate American Blogger Hard

American YouTube blogger Joni Somali traveled around the cities of Japan filming his video blog. But he did it unusually - he shouted insulting phrases against Japanese women, calling all Japanese women whores. Includes funny songs about the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He did everything to humiliate the national dignity of the good islanders))
Only now it turned out that the islanders are not kind, and they have self-respect, and their cops turned out to be far from the same as in anime, and they are quite familiar with tough methods of work)))

  1. Thisisbutter 15 June 2023 08:19
    This is not America.

    - David Bowie
    - Pat Metheny
  2. fuckeduuuuup 16 June 2023 21:33
    Is that really him? I didnt think he could speak Japanese, also I haven't seen any yt vid about this, even though there have been lots of videos about his trolling etc lately, but nothing on this
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