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Man With Fake Police Documents Shot Dead By Real Cops

A man, who with false cards pretended to be an agent of the Metropolitan Police, was murdered on Tuesday afternoon in the Manrique Central neighborhood, when he was mobilizing on his motorcycle down a street in this sector and motorized subjects shot him on several occasions, causing his death.
The events were recorded around 6:00 in the afternoon in race 44 with 70th Street, in this northeastern neighborhood of Medellín. This man was found a card that made him pass as a member of the institution, judicial investigators said.
The CTI agents of the Prosecutor's Office carried out the inspection of the body of the deceased, whom they identified as J.D.M.T., 36 years old. When they verified the documents he carried and the name, it was confirmed that he did not belong to the institution and the card he carried was false.
It transpired that the victim was part of the Police in 2007 as a high school assistant, but later could not enter it as a patrol car.
The authorities are investigating whether this fact is due to a retaliation between criminal structures operating in this sector of the city and whether these false documents would have to do with these facts.
"In several activities he stated that he was an active member of the Police. From the institution we state that he has not been part of the National Police as a professional police," said the deputy commander of the Metropolitan Police, Colonel José Cristóbal Fonseca.
This crime was recorded in one of the areas with the greatest increase in terms of homicide figures, such as commune 3 (Manrique), where last year there were five cases, to date, while with this fact they already reached 16

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