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Deadly Shooting In Brazilian Slums

Two armed individuals invaded a residence located on Rua da Baixinha in Senhor do Bonfim at around 8:50 pm this Wednesday (24), and shot several times, taking the life of a man who, according to information, was called Weslen Vitor dos Santos Aquino de 23 years . A Civil Police officer who was in the bar in front of the residence saw all the criminals' actions, shot at the individuals and managed to shoot one of them, who was taken to the UPA but did not resist and died in the emergency unit, the other managed to escape shot on foot, got rid of one of the weapons and two magazines, took a hostage on Rua João Maciel and forced him to leave him in the armpit of the emu. The hostage has already returned and is fine. The Civil Police Officer was also hit in the shoulder and arm, was taken to the UPA, is stable, conscious and will be transferred to Juazeiro.

According to information, the individual who fled was killed in a confrontation with the civil police in the early hours of this Thursday (25), when he was hiding in an apartment in the market neighborhood and was identified as Vitor Benevides(Vitinho) who has several tickets by the police.

The first individual who was hit and died at the UPA has not yet been identified, did not carry documents and no family member showed up to recognize the body.

The .380 pistol with a suppressed number, the two .380 magazines, a 9 mm Macra Bersa magazine and the Yamaha factor motorcycle, red in color and plate PLC 4F61, were presented at the police station for appropriate measures to be

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