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Gang Of Fake Cops Invade Home In Paraguay

It was approximately 3:30 a.m., when a family was sleeping in their house located in the Pueblo Unidos settlement of this departmental capital, when supposedly heavily armed police officers entered the house. Read more: Fake police simulate raid and steal G. 100 million The criminals, wearing bulletproof vests with the National Police inscription , went directly to the marriage room. Some had short weapons and others had shotguns, and at all times they acted very violently.

In total four subjects surrounded the bed, pointing at the couple at all times and demanding the money. They found the money, but the assailants still continued to act violently The owner of the house quickly told them where part of the money was , but they continued hitting the owner of the house with pistols and shotguns . Later they began to search the entire house and after a little more than a minute they managed to find another bag of money that they took the time to put in bags that belonged to the victim. You may be interested in: Criminal group simulates raid to attack a factory

The moments of terror lasted about seven minutes. At one point they even took the homeowner out of bed and took him to another room of the house to look for more money. They took a millionaire amount The criminals took more than G. 120 million in cash (80,000,000 in guaraníes and 6,000 US dollars). The victim told the police that the money was to buy meat in order to supply her butcher shop that she has in the city of Minga Guazú.

Once the robbery was completed, the criminals locked the victim in the bathroom and fled in a silver Toyota Premio model car in which they had arrived

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