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Criminals Shot And Killed A 45-Year-old Store Owner

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In the early hours of this Saturday, around 4:00, two criminals shot and killed a merchant in front of his home in the San Miguel neighborhood of the city of Capiatá.

The victim was Cristian Sosa Morel, 45 years old, who was intercepted by two criminals, who at gunpoint demanded that he hand over his belongings.

According to what was reported by the Police, Sosa Morel resisted the assault and, at one point, reacted against the criminals by throwing hot water that he had in his mate thermos at them.

In the meantime, he was shot in the face, which ended up ending his life. The incident was captured by closed circuit cameras, whose images are already being analyzed by investigators.

According to the data, the victim went to the Abasto market like every day, to purchase vegetables, fruits and other products for his store. He had around G. 25 million with him and part of that money was found in the worker's vehicle.

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    ... 24 February 2024 11:48
    dogs always flee the scene