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Dude In The Courtroom Shoots The Accused Who Previously Killed His Father

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A man ended up arrested after shooting a defendant several times during a jury trial in the city of São José do Belmonte, Sertão de Pernambuco. The case happened this Wednesday morning (29) and was confirmed by the Pernambuco Military Police (PMPE). According to information from the Court of Justice of Pernambuco (TJPE), the suspect fired shots at the defendant identified as Francisco Cleidivaldo Mariano de Moura.

The victim was being tried for the murder of the shooter's father in the Single Court of the District of São José do Belmonte. According to unofficial information, the father of the shooter was killed on October 23, 2012 after being shot with a firearm by Francisco Cleidivaldo.

On that occasion, Francisco Cleidivaldo went to the house of the father of the man who invaded the trial to ask about a donkey that had escaped. After the man said he didn't know anything, Francisco Cleidivaldo allegedly shot him, and he spent 18 days hospitalized before dying.

The suspect in the attack was identified by the TJPE as Cristiano Alves Terto. After the shots were fired, he was pursued by the Forum Police and the Civil Police and ended up being arrested in the act with the murder weapon, a 38 caliber revolver.

During the attack, the lawyers, jurors, witnesses and the judge ran away in fright. These were not achieved. According to the TJPE, the victim was initially taken to the Hospital de São José de Belmonte, and later transferred to the Hospital de Serra Talhada, where he is under medical care.

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