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A Man Beaten To Death When Trying To Intercessor For A Woman

A terrible story happened in Vyazma, Russia. A 41-year-old migrant worker from Tajikistan Z.U.K., returning home, saw that a woman was being beaten at the entrance.

Z.U.K. decided to intercede for the woman, and at that moment the angry man switched to him. Z.U.K. had a disability and was unable to defend himself. The horror of the situation also lies in the fact that the very woman, for whom Z.U.K. stood up, began to film on the phone how her intercessor was brutally beaten to death.

Several people are watching the process on the sidelines, who do not interfere with what is happening. Only one woman asks: “Maybe that's enough? He is already choking on blood ... ”. But the man continues the beating with even greater cruelty. Lifting the body of the unconscious migrant, he throws it onto the concrete floor. Z.U.K. died of his injuries on the way to the hospital.

The suspect was detained, a measure of restraint was chosen for him - taking into custody (he was placed in a pre-trial detention center)

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