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Family Members Of 4 People Found Killed In The Boat

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In the early hours of 26th October 2021 in Amazonas (Brazil), a family of 4 were murdered.
The previous night, 66 year old F.d.S.R. + 42 year old A.M.A.L. had gone fishing on the Solimões river with their 2 daughters, 18 year old J.L.R. + 14 year old A.P.L.R. At around 5pm, their lifeless bodies were found in their 2 fishing boats, with machetes blows + signs of a beating, possibly with a club.
The next day, 3 suspects, said to be a man + his 2 sons, have been arrested on suspicion of the murders. The family had lived in a boat for almost 20 years

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